Which Casino Game Is Easiest to Win?

Several factors can determine the success of a gambler at a casino; be it their luck or strategies. It works best when a player has a perfect blend of luck, skills, and strategies. Your odds have to be higher than your level of skills and techniques because almost all casino games function with a whole lot of randomness. Luck is, therefore, the key factor in winning at casino games. Turning a game in your favor may not be as easy as you think it to be unless a few rounds have produced positive results. Although gamblers can have their favorite games and times to play, there surely are a few games that hold a higher chance for the players to win. Here are a few tips that can help maximize your chances of winning some of the easy casino games.

Games with Low House Edge

A mathematical reduction or increase in your chances to win at a casino game is highly probable when you play games with a low house edge. Selecting bets with the lowest odds can improve your chances of getting better returns. So, a single game cannot be mentioned decisively to be the one that is easier to win. Betting on a single number in roulette may not have as high a chance to generate good returns as betting red/black. Some of the casino games that have relatively lower house edge are:

  • Craps- 1.4%
  • Video poker- 0.5% to 5%
  • Baccarat- 1.5%
  • Blackjack single deck- 1.5%
  • Three card poker- 1.5%
  • Roulette- 2.5%
  • Pai Gow Poker- 2.5%
  • Caribbean Stud Poker- 5%
  • Slots- 2% to 10%



Not every casino game can turn out to be easy in the course, but blackjack is intrinsically an easy game. It has the best odds of winning since it only has an edge of 1% to 1.5% for almost all sessions in a casino. Another added benefit of playing blackjack is that you are playing against the dealer and not champions. The player only needs to look for a number that beats the dealer’s number.

By sitting at the table for some time with the dealer, you can learn how the game is played. They can guide you through it when the tables are less crowded; so, if you are a novice, try this technique to learn the game. In poker, you may have to practice with your friends or other professionals before heading to the casino for a game. The competition can be tough on several levels in poker, which isn’t the case with blackjack. All these factors make blackjack one of the easiest games to win at a casino.

Other Games

Apart from blackjack, you can also try craps and roulette for its low house edge that can be less intimidating in the process. Roulette is best when you are looking for fast even money wins without a strong skillset to back you. When you want to try your luck without many skills to boast about, slots would be the best option because it has some easy winning spins.

How to Play Casino Card Game

Casino, aka Cassino, is a card game that dates back to 1797. The game is easy to learn and has very basic details to observe while playing. It is a great game to be played with family and friends, which will keep the entertainment going with suspense and surprise. In the game, you need to capture the cards from the centre and match it with your cards. You earn points by having the most spades, most cards, and for every Ace. Here is how you play the casino card game.

You will require a standard deck of 52 cards (without jokers) and two to four players to play the game.

The gameplay

The game starts each player getting four cards, and in the end, four cards are placed face-up in a line on the table. The traditional way of dealing with cards in this game is two-by-two.

The player sitting to the left of the dealer starts the game in a clockwise direction. Each player makes a play with a card from their hand to attempt capturing as many cards as possible. The player puts the card he plays, face-up, on the table which every other player can see. This card will be used to build or capture other cards. Here are the possible plays that can take place during the round.


Capture by pairing

The player’s card matches the rank of any face-up card in the middle. The player places the card down and then collects the matching pair at the end of the game to count the total.

Capture by combining

A player can capture numerical cards (not the face cards) in a combination of the value of the cards on the table adds up to the value of any card in the player’s hand. For example, a player with a ten can capture the cards 7 and 3.

Capture by pairing and combining

A player can play the above two moves simultaneously if the middle card supports the manoeuvre. If a player has a 10 in their hand, they can pick 6,4, and 10 number cards from the table.



Players can keep building a combination on the middle pile by keep adding one card from their hands if they have a card that will add up to that combination. For example, if a player has the cards 7 and 10, and there is a 3 on the table, the player can place the 7 on top of three to declare it as a 10. The player who builds will have to wait for his turn again after every other player plays to claim the cards. Any other player with a 10 can steal the card before it returns back to the original player.

Throughout the game, the objective is to score as many points as possible. Capturing more cards is a good way of ending up with many points. The players with the majority of the cards (27 or more) get 3 points, majority of spades( 7 or more) gets 1 point, big casino (with 10 of diamonds) gets 2 points, and Little casino ( with 2 of spades) gets one point. Every Ace accounts for a point. The player who reaches 21 points in a round wins the round.