Before You Go Gambling, Learn About the Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

People often plan a visit to a casino resort to enjoy their holidays with friends. It is a recreational escape for many, and they have no intention of winning any money. These are the type of players that casinos look out for. They make the most money for the casinos by spending money on the games without knowing the odds. They keep playing the slot games with a high house edge, technically printing money for the casino. If you consider casino games more than usual recreational activity and want to make money out of them, here is what you should know about the casino game odds.

Table games are the best bets for you

People do not realise that slot machines offer the least freedom for players to influence the games. The table games have way better odds than slot machines. The beginners often get scared of the pros playing at poker tables and hide between easy to play slot machines. Instead, you can learn poker and at least give yourself some odds to win compared to slot games. Table games will always be a better option for you when you compare them with slot machines. There are several table games which also have high and low odds based on their gaming style.



Blackjack offers 49% odds of winning. It is a simple card game which requires an element of skill. All you have to do is beat the dealer in scoring the highest number without crossing 21. The house edge for a single deck blackjack game can be as low as 1%.


Playing craps can offer you a 50-50 chance of winning. It is the game with the second-best odds in a casino. The game is also easy to play as your chance of winning depends on numbers that appear on the dices.



Roulette is another fame which is easy to understand and offers a fair game. Similar to craps, you bet on your favourite numbers, but instead of dices, roulette has a wheel and a ball. The croupier drops the ball into spinning wheel after the bets are being made. The number at which the ball stops will win the bet. If you are playing colours, then your chances increase to nearly 50%.

The game with the lowest odds

Slots are the games that can give you a hard time waiting for a win, especially when the machine just turned cold. The odds of winning in a slot game be one in a 49,000,000+. Different slot games offer different odds that you can find written on the sides of them. If you are still interested in playing slot games, make sure that you check its payscale and odds to find a slot game with the lowest odds.