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“Spread color. Spread joy. 
Thrill to the emergence of strange new creatures. And burn them all to ashes." 

Cube and Star: An Arbitrary Love is a game about the joy of exploration - the joy of... aimless but mindful wandering.
The world is a living, breathing entity and you - bold individual that you are; spread color throughout the land.

Day breaks, grass grows, night falls, stars fall from the sky, trees shed their fruit...
And across the world other cubes like yourself are bounding around, each with a little knowledge to impart to you... if you are curious enough to listen.

As the world become more vibrant - as you lend it your own breed of charm, secrets emerge from the ground: discover ancient relics, bizarre monetary tokens and personal journal entries left by cubes long gone.
And as you explore... relax.

This is the best of all possible worlds (and all is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds).
And to be more specific?

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a sandbox exploration game with a set of "structure" goals (Find the Ancient Star, Color the world, Unearth all of the relics etc) - and then a larger "shape the world in your image" goal which is more self-directed.

As you color the world - the emotions and behavior of all of the entities shifts and changes.
So at the end, you might have created...
a soothing pastel blue oasis, or a flaming red stress-pit.

And then when you're finished?

You burn the whole thing down to grey and color it all over again (if you so decide).

Join the Doppler Army.

Email. It feels a little antiquated. Like... somehow it's been superseded by Twitter or other social media.

Still - if you're a traditionalist - you might like to hear occasional updates from us. We'll keep you abreast, afloat of the goings-on.

I mean... don't we all want to feel like we belong?

About Doppler Interactive

Doppler Interactive is a cosy, two-person development team based in Los Angeles, California. Doppler Interactive is composed of Joshua McGrath - software developer, beard-owner, occasional 3D-modeller; and Jessica Ellis - texture artist and designer of ultra-bizarre game concepts.

We divide our time between deep-space salvaging for scrap (figuratively), and developing games and tools 
using the Unity game engine.

Ball of Woe, a strange mobile game about rolling away the world's sorrow, was released in late 2012 with an excellent
 critical response.

Before Ball of Woe, we created Tidy TileMapper (a tool for painting game maps in Unity) and did a little Game Jamming at Global Game Jam 2012 with "The Life and Times of Pepper Jack".
 The Team  

Software developer, quasi-Game Designer, 3D artist and generally glitchy individual. It's Joshua's sweet, facetious tones you're experiencing via our blog and YouTube channel, and his eerily-calm demeanour that is constantly, half-heartedly apologising with: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound harsh, I'm just trying to give you my honest opinion." 

Graphic designer, concept artist and passive-to-the-point-of-non-existence, Jessica is the silent
engine responsible for our lush, strangely-retro and overall beautiful concepts and texture art. She
is also the doting mother of the Nicetown concept, feverishly guarding it against corruption via a
smut-centric co-founder.


Doppler Interactive 
Based in Los Angeles, USA
(Previously Sydney, Australia)

• Release Date: February 14, 2014

• Price: TBA

• Platforms: Steam, PC, MAC, Linux

Contact us for interviews. We love to chat!

Image Collections

Download the Cube & Star Image Collection - PC, Mac Linux 24.5mb .zip
• Download the Cube & Star Image Collection - iPad 18.3mb .zip

 Icon, screenshots, logos (24.5mb .zip)

Awards & Honors

IndieCade 2013 Nominee

Cube & Star: A Love Story has been announced as a 2013 IndieCade Nominee.

"The IndieCade Festival is the biggest independent game celebration in the nation. This premiere event is held each October in the Los Angeles Area and is open to the industry and to the public."
Intel Level Up Best "Other" Game

Cube & Star: A Love Story was awarded Best "Other" Game in the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest.

Intel Level Up was judged by a team of indie developers and game industry alumni.

QANTAS Spirit of Youth Award - Interactive Gaming

Joshua McGrath, creator of Cube & Star: A Love Story was awarded the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Award (SOYA) for Interactive Gaming. 
“What won us over was that Josh not only showed a keen eye for what makes a game fun but he was also thinking beyond ‘games’ and building tools for others to create with." - SOYA 

Press Coverage
"It appears to involve transforming a monochrome world into one of colour and life, like a clown visiting a local government office."
"Cube & Star: An Arbitrary love is a wonderful weird little game ... There's some magic here."
"It’s incredibly difficult to explain an experience like Cube & Star, to explain something that’s touched your heart of hearts… and that’s what this game did for me."

Explore, Color, BURN! Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is Out Now!
"As a lover of the new, the weird and the indie, I think Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love deserves a look from anyone who can’t get enough of the same."
"Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a strange entity, but it makes a compelling case for games as high-art."
" game strive to bloat themselves so they can boast about massive playtime, you have to wonder… is there a better way? Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is the better way."
"Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is one of those unique titles that could only be created by an indie studio. The game is the antithesis of the commercial video game."
"There have been numerous releases that more resembled a playable work of art than a traditional experience. The game that I discuss today, Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love, is a prime example of that confusing situation." (Translated from Dutch with Google Translate)
Indie Haven - Review: Cube & Star
"Cube & Star is a game that makes you think. It gives you freedom to ignore goals but makes those goals easy to achieve while traversing the world."
Objective Game Reviews - Cube And Star: An Arbitrary Love Review
"Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love contains one hundred collectible coins, seventy five collectible gems, two hundred sixteen collectible items, fifty collectible journal entries, ninety three achievements..." 8/10
"Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is simple, mysterious, relaxing, thought-provoking, and compelling."
"Le jeu de Doppler Interactive est réellement original, trop bizarre pour plaire à tous. "
"Not many games can use their oddity to craft enjoyable gameplay experiences, but luckily Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love manages to pull it off."
"a wildly unique experience that is also relaxing, enigmatic and yet surprisingly simple."
"Cube and Star: An Arbitrary Love is one of those indie games that make us remember why indie games are so important."
"There’s not much in the way of traditional mechanics ... and yet there’s a unique charm to this strange little journey"
"Lo bueno del PC es la gran variedad de experiencias que podemos encontrar, algunas de ellas que realmente rompen moldes y nos hacen sentir algo diferente."

"It is an artistic bucking of our elder’s xenophobic wisdom and an embrace of the strange beauty that the world has to offer"

"The world needs more games like this. We need games that affect us, make us feel."
"Joshua McGrath of Doppler Interactive made a trance inducing game that feels like a metaphor on life. Most of the world is gray, but the message seems clear. As you interact with the colorful elements of life and travel around: beauty will spread."

"you’re actually breathing life into a stale and grey world, simply by applying colorfulness to it."


You have our full permission to monetize any videos you create for Youtube, featuring or including Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love. 
You have our blessing.

- Jessica Ellis & Joshua McGrath, Doppler Interactive
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